About AC Ideal

Company Profile


Abrasivos y Conversiones Ideal is a Mexican company that dedicates itself to the distribution of abrasive products of the highest quality. Due to the advantage of being able to convert abrasive products, we have the capacity to offer competitive prices and delivery times beyond comparison. We are committed to offer solutions to any issue our clients might have related to abrasives in their industrial processes.

Our Business

We contribute to the development of the Mexican Industry by constantly supporting our clients through the supply of quality abrasive products and the corresponding technical support.

Due to our wide array of abrasive products and the consistent attention we give to our clients, we have collaborated to the improvement of their products and the reduction of their production time.

Our determination to find the optimal product for our clients’ needs and the technical aid our team provides has steered us to become leaders in the distribution of abrasive products.


Our Values

Innovation and Quality


To come up with productive solutions for national businesses, adhering to ethics and excellence in service, to create a trusting relationship with our clients as a supplier of quality abrasives.


To create a positive impact in our national industry by collaborating with our clients. To create an environment that leads to the personal and professional development of our team. To transcend as a group distinguished by upholding its principles and values.


Abrasivos y Conversiones Ideal is a company that extends throughout Mexican territory, with our branches strategically situated in:

  • Monterrey
  • Reynosa
  • Querétaro

Through these branches, we have built a network that ensures a reliable distribution service and facilitates technical support to our clients.